Do you want to add a touch of nature to your interior? A hint of biophilia?

Discover the increasingly popular indoor green walls, both at home and in the office. More and more homeowners are turning to the integration of plants into their decor, thus promoting biophilia, a theory that suggests humans have a fundamental need to be in contact with nature , so undoubtedly, plants in your living space provide well-being. Vertika Design offers two types of vegetal wall decor perfect for your decor: modular green walls and stabilized moss frames.


The green wall is composed of living plants that give it a natural and spectacular beauty. A living wall will breathe new life into your spaces every time, that's guaranteed. Living walls blend well with all rooms, fitting equally well in the living room as in the bathroom. They are also increasingly popular in restaurant dining rooms and office conference rooms.
Vertika Design's green walls are modular, with a stainless steel frame. Rectangular and horizontal, they come in various sizes, with a depth of 8 inches. These frames include shelves/gutters where individual potted plants are placed. The shelves/gutters are connected by a vertical link for irrigation during watering and also serve for water recovery. Easy to maintain, manual watering is done from the top, and the suggested plants we provide for modular vegetal walls are those that require medium light.
Large-format green walls: Stainless steel frames can be paired to form a larger vegetal wall.
Green walls with automatic irrigation: Upon request and for specific situations, it is possible to install a green wall with automatic irrigation.

Discuss this with Vertika Design specialists during consultation; they are well-versed in such special projects.

green walls


The advantages of indoor green walls for your home

Our indoor green walls feature living plants of unparalleled beauty. They will rejuvenate your decor and bring nature into your home with elegance..

What are the advantages of green wall decoration?

Plants bring many benefits. :

  • A design that is both aesthetic and environmentally friendly (ecological).
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • A zen atmosphere in the room.
  • Better control over the humidity level of a room.
  • Improved soundproofing of partitions. Energy efficiency.
  • How to maintain your living wall ?

  • Water from the top approximately every 7 days.
  • Remove dead leaves as needed.
  • Remove a sick plant, and replace it, to avoid contaminating the other plants.
  • Once a year, divide larger plants to prevent roots from becoming too compacted in the pot.
  • green walls

    Impressive area of plants on a wall, composition projects

    Do you have a larger-scale project in mind? If you have a special project such as custom sizing, a feature in a new construction, a large-scale project, non-standard plants, or a hydroponic project, contact us. A Vertika Design expert will take your call and assist you in realizing your project.

    Green walls

    Our residential or commercial installation services

    The installation of vegetal wall decorations requires some experience. Vertika Design and its specialists in wall decoration are here to help you. We offer a turnkey service for dressing green walls. Whether for home or office, vegetal walls are an excellent way to transform your decor.

    Our team is here for you from design to completion. We also offer the first consultation free of charge and we are ready to serve you, no matter where you are located.
    In addition to our vegetal wall installation service, we also offer our services for the installation of:

  • Wooden walls;
  • Interior decorative stones and brick walls.

  • questions

    The wall covering experts at Vertika Design will advise you on the types of plants to select, depending on the wall you have chosen to install a vegetal frame. They will assess with you the light diffused on your wall on any given day and provide their suggestions.

    The vegetal frame requires the same type of maintenance as a potted plant on a countertop. Thanks to its irrigation system, you water from the top, and the water spreads to all the plants, so it’s just a matter of regular watering, approximately every 7 days, and removing dead leaves as needed. If a plant is sick, we suggest replacing it to avoid contaminating the other plants. And as the plant grows, it’s advisable to divide it to prevent the roots from becoming too crowded in the pots.

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