wood ceiling

Discover how Vertika Design reinvents the art of wall covering by expanding its expertise to also dress ceilings, including wood ceilings. Once neglected, this surface now offers a major transformation opportunity for your living or working spaces. Our quality wall materials can be adapted to the ceiling, however, our exclusive collections are specially designed for ceiling use. Collaborating with our team of experts ensures high-quality work and an unparalleled transformation of your environments.

What are our different models of ceiling panels?

Suspensio collection

The Suspensio collection offers perforated panels specially designed for suspended ceiling systems. Coated with genuine wood veneer, these panels bring warmth and unique geometric patterns to your ceiling. Additional acoustic felts are available to improve sound insulation. For optimal aesthetic results, we recommend painting the rail system in black. A wood ceiling ready to steel the show.

Grid collection

The Grille collection highlights wooden slats mounted on support blades. Available in several combinations of dimensions, they can be personalized to meet your needs. The "on face" version places the slat on its wide side, reducing the empty space between the slats and creating a fuller look, whereas the "on edge" version places the slat on its narrow side.

Available in white oak or American walnut versions.

Discover the 3 benefits of ceiling cladding in your interior.

 1. Space Transformation:

Dressing the ceiling can give a whole new dimension to a room, creating a more dynamic and aesthetic atmosphere. It can help visually enlarge the space or make it warmer and more welcoming, depending on the chosen style.

2. Accentuation of Architecture:

By emphasizing the ceiling, one can highlight the unique architecture of a room. Whether through the use of patterns, colors, or specific materials, dressing the ceiling helps to emphasize architectural features and add character to the space.

3. Improvement of Acoustics and Insulation:

By choosing appropriate materials to dress the ceiling, one can also improve the room's acoustics by reducing echoes and absorbing unwanted noises. Additionally, this can contribute to better thermal and sound insulation, making the space more comfortable and energy-efficient.


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