Interior partition wall

The partition wall is currently the must-have element in interior decoration!
You can find wooden panel walls everywhere: as accent walls, headboards, or decorative panels. But what makes partition walls so incredibly popular right now?

A Partition wall


Wooden partition walls are wall coverings made of wooden slats, ideal for giving a fresh look to your trendy decor. Wooden divider walls provide space definition and help to set the ambiance. For instance, place a claustra to define the entrance or use them as partitions to separate your living spaces.

What are the different types of CLAUSTRA?

We have posts of size 2''X4'' as well as 2''X6'' available in lengths of 96'' or 120''.
At the installation level, these can be installed using the following methods and depending on the ceiling and floor coverings:

The various advantages of interior wood divider walls.

Wooden screens offer several advantages as partition walls:

1. Privacy while allowing light to pass through: Screens delineate spaces while allowing natural light to filter through. They create visual separation without darkening the rooms.

2. Aesthetic appeal and elegance: Wooden screens add a touch of natural charm and elegance to any space. Wood brings warmth and character to interior décor.

3. Ventilation: Unlike solid walls, screens allow air to circulate, thus promoting ventilation between separated spaces.

4. Design flexibility: Screens offer a wide variety of designs and patterns, allowing customization according to the aesthetic preferences and functional needs of each space.

5. Noise reduction: Although screens do not provide complete sound insulation, they can help reduce unwanted noise by dividing spaces.

6. Ease of installation and modification: Compared to solid walls, screens are often easier to install and can be modified more easily to adapt to changing needs.

7. Versatility: Screens can be used in a variety of interior spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens, offices, or even commercial spaces, providing a versatile solution for space separation.

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